Black cat live wallpaper


*Drag the mouse across the screen to view the Wallpaper
Supported on phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape modes!

This is not a picture, it's a real interactive cat named Fukusima, which follows your finger with eyes. Behaves as alive, licks his lips, squints and wiggles his ears. It responds to touch a finger, breathing as a live while set as a live wallpaper.


  • Touch the nose - licking,
  • Touching ears - they stiring,
  • Touching eyes - closing them,
  • Select background: dark or window, with swaying branches,

Now, in a new apartment, you can just run Fukusima, setting it on the phone beforehand. Black cats bring good luck, ward off evil spirits! Try our live wallpaper and you will not regret it! 

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Note 7, Sony Xperia Z2, M4 Aqua, C5 Ultra, Z3, Z5, LGE, Asus ZenFone.

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Awarded 5 Stars at Taimienphi

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Advantages of PRO version

Interactive cat
Interactive cat

Interactive cat reacting to touches 

Two positions
Two positions

Two positions (sit and lay) with two different backgrounds

Interactive eyes
Interactive eyes

Interactive eyes following 

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